Featured in GreenCraft Magazine!

It is always so exciting when your creation appears in print! When I was asked to feature my Reshelly bags in GreenCraft magazine I was thrilled! I had been working on these upcycled bags for a little over a year. One of the Editors of the magazine found me through Etsy. (on a side note Abbey Glassenberg has a great post about the pros of being an Etsy Seller).


As an artist, you spend so much time alone in your studio creating something. There is a lot of time just spent in your own head trying to figure things out. There are a lot of tries, fails and wins. When you are able to share your wins like this, there is an awesome sense of accomplishment! You feel like all of your crazy time that you devote to the process of making can be inspirational for someone else as well!


One of the directions that I want to head with these bags are the hand made part of it when it comes to the pattern design. I created a stamp for this fabric and loved the process!

I miss drawing and designing imagery. I have loved the sewn process but I felt like I was missing a major part of my creative background. I studied painting when I went to art school and it will always remain a part of my creative process. This is a way of keeping that while developing these creations. I have a few of these bags left in my Etsy shop! Stay tuned because I will be creating new designs and actually printing out some designs using Spoonflower!