Stuart and I have been busy working on projects! We have moved into a lovely house in the Butte Creek Canyon area of Chico, California. This post is about how we created a special window treatment for the kitchen windows. This is Stuart’s design, Shibori dying, and my sewing. Stuart thought that there was already a Japanese look to the windows with the bamboo. Creating curtains with the Shibori technique would fit well with this. We used a guide on how to create a Roman Shade from a Martha Stewart book and adjusted it slightly.


Stuart first got some white cotton fabric, objects to wrap, the Indigo Tie Dye kit, cording, binder clips, rubber bands, a plastic container and water. He wrapped the items with the twine and then prepared the dye-bath.


First he added the soda ash and then the dye. After stirring it together he started to place things into the bath. He was careful not to mix too fast to incorporate air bubbles.


He created some small pieces for some other projects. For the curtains, he wrapped them around pipes.



This is how they came out! Shibori is awesome! Great job Stuart!

Next, he cut some wood strips for the top and we got some Roman Cording Tape that had plastic circles already sewn to them (It can be cut by the yard). I then measured the windows and used my serger to clean up the edges. I used my zipper foot to attach the cording. I sewed on each side of the two white ridges careful not to sew over the white loops. I hemmed the bottom and attached the cording. The rope can be sewn into the bottom, but Stuart wanted it to be removable if needed.


We used some of the dyed twine to put it all together. I stapled the top of the fabric to the piece of wood. I had a bunch of hanging hardware and we used this to hang the curtains to the hooks that were already in the window. We added some little hooks for the rope to connect to. Stuart cut some bamboo for the top and middle and then chunks for the end of the rope.


The curtains can go up and down very easily.


Here is what it looks from the outside. It has been a fun way of working together on a creative project.


This is what it looked like when we first moved in. Stuart added the rest of the bamboo to finish off the top as well. The loft above is the studio. I will share soon what we have done with this space.


I will leave by sharing a shot from my favorite time of day. I love how the light falls in on the plant.


Do you have a window that you would like some tips on? Having a custom window treatment is awesome and well worth the effort of creating it.