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Just Sew It Club! 


Chico Sewing Club

A community of sewers who love making, sewing and inspiring others! First meet up! Call Honey Run Quilters to reserve a spot: 530-342-5464 January 31st 5-9 pm 2418 Cohasset Rd. Chico, CA 95926


Let's plan!


March, April, May Meet-up date TBD

Spring plans

Summer Fun!


June, July, August Meet-up date TBD

Summer plans

Cozy up!


Sept, October, Nov Meet-up date TBD

Fall plans

Winter fun!


Dec, Jan, Feb Meet-up date TBD

Winter plans

Choose a pattern:

  1. Look over pattern and make notes of construction. 
  2. Use my pattern prep sheet to make notes.
  3. Measure Bust, High Bust, Waist, Hips and sleeve length. 
  4. A separate video for pants and long skirts will be in a video later.


Free PDF downloads:

Pattern Planner

Steps to copy a pattern: 

  1. Gather materials:
    1. Pattern
    2. Ballpoint Pen
    3. French Ruler
    4. Pattern weights
    5. Pattern Planner (Downloadable PDF at top of page)
    6. Scissors
    7. Red Dot tracing paper or Swedish Tracing Paper
Why copy a pattern?

Want to take classes with me through Honey Run Quilters? The heart has a link to the website that has information about the classes. Call 530-342-5464 to sign up for the class.