Rebecca Shelly is a multi-media artist who loves painting and sewing. She spends her days illustrating, sewing and taking photos of her new home in Northern California. 

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Shelly is an artist who is known for her playful use of unexpected materials. These creative projects have been featured in National and International magazines. As an artist, she loves challenging herself. In her studio, she loves painting with acrylic, watercolor gouache and oils. The hum of her sewing machines are also commonly heard. She brings her background in painting to the sewing world with garments, bags and quilts. She chooses to work with materials that normally would have been tossed. Her favorite materials are bike inner tubes, old shirts, vintage buttons, sparkly beads and bright decorative textiles. 

In the classroom, Shelly loves getting students excited about what art can do in their lives. Her studio experience and education has given her a wealth of knowledge to share. She loves helping the student find which direction is best for them. 

Shelly received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Art Practices with a focus in Studio Arts at Portland State University. Prior to this, she concentrated in painting at the Maine College of Art. Her work has been shown at The New American Art Union, Falsefront Studio, Disjecta, Woolley at the Wonder, Launchpad Gallery, Nisus Gallery, The Portland Art Center, Guardino Gallery, Space Gallery and Autzen Gallery.

About Reshelly

Reshelly was first created as a way of sharing Rebecca’s studio creations with friends. As a lover of bicycling, she thought that using bike inner tubes would be an interesting material to sew with. It is a flexible and unique materials that has a lot of different uses. “Reshelly” was created as a combination of her own name along with the idea of giving a new life to something…ex. “re”cycling or “re”using. A bag can be seen as a shell protecting something as well. Thus, Reshelly seemed like the perfect name! The bike tube material is also perfect as a lightweight material for earrings. Being able to use her love of painting in combination with this has led her to adding this to the line. 

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