The New Studio!

I have finally finished the last touches on my studio!  We moved in to a lovely Arts and Crafts style home in Chico. I feel incredibly lucky to have this space. Stuart has his own creative space as well in the sun room. This is the first time in a long time that we each have our own designated creative space.


New to me is a sewing table with rolling chair that I got at the Salvation Army for $12.40. The table is great, but the rolling chair is the best!!!! I repainted this as well and gave it a new fabric cover (continuing my fabric collection theme of Carrie Blooms’s “Dreamer” line). Stuart also greased the wheels for me because they were squealing a lot. I tightened some screws, put it back together and it rides like a dream! If you don’t have a chair in your studio that has wheels, then go out right now and get one! I never thought that I would enjoy sitting. I am able to go from the sewing machine to the iron, to the cutting table in a quick roll. There is also storage with this one. I keep my drawing supplies handy here. Get one!!!


Our new house rental is on a property with a lot of great trees. From my front window I can see a lovely Ginko Eucalyptus tree. This photo does not do it justice. From the side window I look out in to a little side yard. The door to the room has a lovely vintage style mirror. Great for when I am doing fitting adjustments!


My cutting station is set up right in the middle of the space. This is rarely this clean. I thought that it would be good to take a photo before I got in to a project. My new goal is to clean up after I finish each project. This studio can get very wild and crazy if I don’t do this. My dress form has a great place in the corner of the studio. I made it using this tutorial: Plaster dress form.

I created some ruler stands with some scrap wood. These make me so happy! It is great having my rulers and cutting boards at a quick reach.

Another simple thing that is making so happy about this new space is this idea board that I created. I took some of my cardboard and taped some layers together. I then used some white canvas to create a cover. I love when there are pockets in things and created some pockets on the bottom strip. I can now put up drawings, ideas and projects up here. Below is my machine that I use for free motion quilting along with another ruler station. To the right I have all of my art supplies, current sewing projects and books. Pockets!!

I had already made a Quilt design wall in my former studio. It is two sheets of foam core taped together with felt on top. This is where I hang up a quilt in process. This fits right above my serger/coverstitch station. I keep all of my fabric in bins. I have to keep it organized otherwise, it will be everywhere. To the right is an art piece from a show that I had about women’s garments during WWII.

My ironing board is easily folded up if I am not using it. (I am always using it!) It is easy for me to get in to my closet if needed. It houses more fabric, bags and jackets.

It is great to have a sit down space to work at. I can sit here and write out ideas. My White sewing machine has also been fixed up. I keep it set at a basting stitch. This way when I am working on a muslin, I can sew it up quickly. The lamp was my grandmother’s. I call it the captain and he watches over the studio. The Maine in me likes to have him around. The California in me now loves the bamboo curtains. I also made some new curtains from some fabric that my Aunt Anne had sent me. These curtains really lighten up the space and give me a little bit more privacy. Each window does have wooden blinds if I want to be completely private.

What will I do next? I have so many projects that I have been wanting to do. I am going to get some things started that I can work on as the semester starts. I know that this will involve garments, the Spindrift quilt pattern and a new art quilt that I will paint. Love that I have my space all set up and ready to go!!