In 2013, we moved from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. We towed a vintage travel trailer with a Uhual. I had rebuilt the vintage travel trailer from a shell and thanks to some lovely studioemailsupporters I was able to bring the trailer across the country with a Kickstarter. I have lovingly built the trailer, enjoyed my time in it and learned an incredible amount. It is now time for someone else to enjoy the space.

In August, Stuart and I are going to be traveling across the country again. We are simplifying these days. This next trip is going to be just us in a car with a pod of our stuff shipped without us. This was a huge decision for us, but makes the most sense.

If you are interested in purchasing the trailer, please email me at I am pricing it at $4,000. Below is more information:

This is a 1967 Aristocrat Lo Liner. It has been rebuilt to keep the aspects of a travel trailer but also used as a creative space. This is perfect for someone who wants to have a little space of their own in their backyard or take on little adventures.




bedIt sleeps 3. The couch area folds out to sleep two comfortably. The table when I rebuilt it has a few options. It can be broken down to sleep one as well. It also folds open and can have a larger work surface for cooking, creating or whatever you would like.


The wiring has been redone. There is a faucet that works connected to a hose and one that works connected to a tank that sits inside the trailer. It has a working three burner stovetop (oven starts but probably needs a new Thermocouple to stay lit). There is a tiny electric travel fridge. The green fridge door that you see in the photo is just a hollow door hiding the smaller fridge behind it along with storage. I also added a gas lamp above the stove. The footstool above is actually a covered travel toilet. (This trailer does not have a bathroom).


There is a closet and many areas of storage. I have also created an awning for the exterior as well.


Ideally I would like to sell my trailer to someone who enjoys what they see in these photos. I have put a lot of work into rebuilding the trailer. It is a great space to be in. It will be sad to see it leave, but I know that it will bring great memories to others! I have the title and registration, but it does have expired Oregon plates. If you are interested in seeing it, please send me an email:

Thanks and please feel free to share with anyone who you may think would be interested!